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Village Services

Municipal Center business hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The Village of Biron provides water and wastewater services, garbage collection, recycling collection, grass/leaves pickup, brush pickup, bike paths and a well-kept park for enjoyment. The park provides playground equipment, baseball diamond, volley ball court with sand, basketball court, and a tennis court. 

The new recreational trail from Kahoun Road to South Biron Drive is open for your enjoyment.  No motorized vehicles are allowed.  Pet waste stations are installed at each entrance.  Please pick up after your pet.

Along South Biron Drive fish from the pier or relax and enjoy the river view from Gateway Park.

Please refer to the bottom of the Home page for information on when water and wastewater bills are due, and other Village news items.

The Fire Chief will report to the Village's Safety & Welfare Committee and/or the Village President. The Fire Chief will administer, plan, direct and control all aspects of the fire department including administration, fire suppression, fire prevention and rescue activities as authorized by their by-laws. The Fire Chief will also administer applicable local, provincial and federal fire regulations. Administrative duties comprise of planning, directing, and controlling all fire department activities including recruitment of personnel, purchase of equipment, control of expenditures, preparation of budget estimates and the assignment of personnel and equipment. The Fire Chief consults with the Safety & Welfare Committee and the firemen on issues of policy and planning, but works independently in supervising technical operations.

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